Are you adding a new puppy into your family? Does your dog’s behavior confuse or embarrass you? Would you like to enjoy your dog more? Whether your dog is a Pomeranian who chews the furniture, or a rowdy new puppy who needs basic skills, I can help your dog become the well-mannered sidekick you’ve always wanted.


My Training Approach

I train and modify behavior without the use of fear, force, or pain.

Photo credit: Cassandra Sadler

Photo credit: Cassandra Sadler

I use food, play, and access to things your dog wants to reinforce desirable behaviors. I modify undesirable behaviors safely and effectively by implementing environmental change, handling skills, and teaching dogs alternative behaviors.

I use the science of applied behavior analysis to determine best practices for you and your dog.

I don’t use electric shock, intimidation, or physical punishment to change behavior.



I offer training and behavior consulting in the comfort of your own home. I will answer your questions and help you understand common canine behavior challenges. After an Initial Assessment, Mentoring or Tutoring training sessions are available to meet your goals.

Initial Assessment: In an initial assessment, we discuss your dog’s behavior history and your training goals. We will work together to get training and management recommendations up and running. After an initial assessment, you’ll receive customized recommendations for you, your dog, and your family.

Mentoring Sessions (Dogs + People): Are you interested in training your own dog, but would like some guidance? I will guide you and your dog as you train. You and your dog will work together as a team while I mentor you.

Tutoring Sessions (Just the Dogs): Would you like a private tutor to teach your dog or puppy the skills they need to fit in with your life? I will come to your home and train your dog. Then, I’ll show you what your dog has learned in a transfer session.

Little Abiders Puppy Program: This special Tutoring Package is for puppies who are less than six months old. I come to your home and train your puppy, and we will also work on socialization.

I serve clients within a thirty-minute drive of Chester Springs, Pennsylvania.


Changing Behavior

I can help with the following —

  • Bringing home a new dog or puppy

  • Puppy training and socialization

  • Potty training

  • Crate training

  • Basic skills and manners

  • Body handling and husbandry

  • Low-stress vet visits and cooperative care

  • Leash handling

  • Dog-to-dog reactivity and aggression

  • Fears and phobias

  • Resource guarding

  • Barking and jumping

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Happy People and Happy Dogs


“Joan is a kind, caring, and committed trainer. She explains fully, in understandable terms, the many different situations that can cause unhappiness for your dogs. Allie was nervous about many things and Joan gave me wonderful insights into helping her. Most importantly, she listened to my concerns about the ways to train and gave me alternate positive ideas. I would highly recommend her as a trainer for your furry family member.”

Julie R.